You need to know what’s plus-size

Most of you have probably heard or seen such a phrase as “plus-size”. Plus-size women are those who wear a clothing size starting at 46, and many girls unanimously enounce that this is a taboo for a modern lady.

 Plus-size – what is it and what you should eat it with

Look at what a plus size woman looks like

But why? Women with ample curves had been a model of beauty and health for thousands of years, such women were the most loved and desired, this is evidenced by all that remains for us from past times, but recently the ideal of a woman has changed and an example for emulation is leanness, which is not genetically given for everyone, and thousands of women all over the world are starving themselves and live in gyms to fit into a tiny dress and match the edited photos on the Internet, and for what? For the sake of being desired, although it’s no secret that most men prefer girls with forms.

Therefore, the appearance on the Internet of photos of overblown beauties on the runways caused a powerful resonance and rather different reviews. “Bring us back the bodies” – that’s what the supporters of ample curves, called bodypositivers, say. We agree with this, because these women have accepted themselves as they are and don’t pursue an unattainable ideals. It sounds pretty trite that beauty doesn’t depend on the size of clothes, but it’s true, and many women do not want to realize this simple thing. Therefore, it’s time to drop everything that we have imposed on society for many years, and accept that plus size is normal and beautiful.

Compliment or verdict?

On this photo you see the well-known plus size model Ashley Graham

Many girls, leafing through a glossy magazine with carefully processed photoshop photos of slim models loudly declare that plus size is unacceptable and embarrassing. But they need to understand that we are all different and beautiful in our own way, everyone can’t be equally thin, we want you to understand, you can’t say that the skinny is good, and the curvy is bad, look at the world a little bit wider.

It worth emphasizing that a beautiful woman is a woman who is healthy and well-groomed, who has a good complexion and shine in her eyes, which can’t be achieved with the help of exhausting diets and eternal hunger strikes while chasing the right size of clothes, and if you are trying stalemate yourself into the framework of 90-60-90, but it is ineffective, don’t get upset and drop your hands, we can confidently tell you that you are the owner of a non-standard body in a good sense.

Plus size is not the worst enemy of all women, but just the type of figure that clicked with a lot of model agencies. Look at the models plus size – they look beautiful and self-confident, these magnificent beauties have succeeded in the cruel world of fashion and have inspired many women who in time realized that XS is not the standard and not the goal in life, and that it is necessary to love yourself – so imperfect and unlike the angels victoria’s secret. Therefore, if you relate yourself to this type of women – we congratulate you, because you represent the centuries-old ideal of a beautiful and healthy woman, which is just make a figure.

From beauty to disease

Do you see this pretty plus size model? Her beautiful appearance indicates a hard work on herself, which will certainly give results.

To understand the essence of plus size, you should realize and clearly see the difference between chubbiness and obesity. In our understanding, chubbiness is a certain structure of the body and the presence of a normal amount of adipose tissue, which does not harm health. And obesity is a disease that carries a lot of other diseases, and in that case you can forget about beauty.

Many women are tempted by the thought that having a “wide bone” allows eating tons of fast food, and if “there should be a lot of a good person,” then you can afford another kilogram of sweets. Therefore, plus size women can be divided into two groups: those that most often have a genetic predisposition to such a structure of the body, and those who simply forgot about their appearance and do not attempt to take care of it. Therefore, we want to remind you that if you are a type of plus size women – this is not a reason to forget about caring for yourself, the main conditions are healthy eating and sport.

Certitude that if you got such a body, then you can eat everything and sit all day doing nothing – this is disrespect to yourself and to your body, besides it is quite dangerous, this way of life has terrible consequences like different problems. Don’t forget about the fact that beauty is the result of health, and the extra weight caused by simple laziness and unwillingness to take care of yourself and think about your condition is not what a woman should have. By the way we want to tell you that we don’t in any way propagandize humility with the fact that if someone gained excess weight by overeating and giving up activity – then let it be, on the contrary, for us a healthy lifestyle is the basic rule for all people who want to live long and happy life, regardless of gender and weight. So if you want to be healthy and beautiful, look like for the cover of a magazine – don’t forget that we are what we eat and let the sport never leave your life.

Who is my ideal?

plus size model Iskra Lawrence

Looking at incredibly attractive models plus size, we think that this is what everyone has been talking about and dreamed about for so long, natural beauty came into fashion with a powerful breakthrough, and many women sighed with relief, saying “finally we have achievable ideals.” But how much this beauty is natural and how easy it is to look just as attractive as the plus size models?

You can see hundreds of photos of women with a perfectly smooth skin, a intense waist, high cheekbones and hollow cheeks, but many can try on the same outfit as on the model, and notice with horror that he sits not so attractive, and quite differently, And it is make you upset. Basically we see in the photos of girls with a type of figure called “hourglass” or “X”, which is a rarity, a smooth and even skin without cellulite is the result of either a long and painful work on themselves, or profitable lighting and a photo editor, all these models have perfect facial features.Stefania Ferrario is one of the hottest plus size models

Not many representatives of the softer sex were lucky enough to have a fluffy chest, rounded hips and a beautiful waistline at the same time, but this doesn’t mean that this is the end, it simply means that you should choose certain clothes for yourself that emphasizes advantages and hides shortcomings, But what can you do, in the modern world for all girls there is one rule: you want to look like a beauty – work like a beauty, but still realize that you will not see in the pictures of models such as look like naturally, with all the typical female deficiencies, so treat it easier.

If you use social networks, for example, Instagram, there you can find many accounts of body-positive women who give true-life and effective advice on how to eat, dress and live happily, such women have become the inspiration for thousands of followers, you can find there for yourself a lot of interesting tips and new things.

 Darling, I have nothing to wear

Take a look at the outfit of this girl, it is beautiful.

And now we want to discuss the main problem of all plus size women – this is the choice of clothes. For this type of women, the right wardrobe is very important and is one of the main trump cards of attractiveness, so plus size means that you need to learn how to skillfully choose your outfits for all occasions. Here we can talk for a long time about what you can wear and what not, but luckily, the fashion has become very supportive for women with overblown bodies and looking at fashion shows we can identify several basic rules for selecting wardrobes for women who wear plus size.

Get off with the mini length. Seriously, leave short outfits for young girls, and take a closer look at the midi length – it will look feminine, and, unlike the mini, is not vulgar at all. Many ladies believe that midi and maxi length – it’s boring and simple, so put on the shortest skirt and then suffer from loneliness. It looks pretty bad, so we advise you to understand that naked legs are not the height of sexuality, but with the help of, for example, a pencil skirt that emphasizes the roundness of the thighs, you can conquer the whole world. If you don’t know how to choose clothes with different lengths, then the Internet will be your best assistant. Even just go into the google pictures, you make sure that the midi length is sexy, maxi is romantic, and the tea length can be the highlight of your outfit, and you will pick up a few ideas for yourself for everyday life and for going out.

Say no to shapeless and baggy clothes. Such clothes will suit only for a case, if you go around the house during a bad mood. Don’t think up excuses like “I never take off sports pants and a stretched t-shirt, because I want to always feel comfortable,” we are more than confident that this is simple laziness and unwillingness to learn how to look stylish, because dressing beautifully skills require time and effort. So before you go shopping, ask yourself – do you want to wear comfortable things or look attractive and fashionable? Like this. If you are for the first option – then forgive, but you will not be helped by anyone except yourself, but if you support the second option – then think about what your wardrobe is suitable for such a description: broad, comfortable, which can hide from this cruel world, and get rid of it, even if it is one favorite shirt, or all clothes, and get a nest faster – it’s time to update the wardrobe in order to do it your beauty weapon. And by the way, who said that beautiful clothes are always uncomfortable clothes?

Take care of fabrics and prints when choosing clothes.As you can see in the photo, a-silhouette midi dress with ¾-sleeves is an example of femininity. Listen to negative comments toward the well-fleshed girls who wear translucent leggings, and in order not to repeat their mistakes, make sure that the fabric is dense enough. Don’t be afraid to die from the heat in summer, dense doesn’t mean warm. Try to pick up things from material such as royal satin, dense chiffon, silk, linen and so on. Such things can be quite expensive, but it is better to let two beautiful dresses hang in a closet than four cheap and simple ones. Moreover, substandard things will only bring ugly attention to imperfections of the body, so all who wear plus size clothing must take into account the quality of the fabrics and don’t save on it.

As for prints, we advise you to give preference to large and / or vertical patterns, drawings, they will make you visually slimmer. For example, a large floral print is a favorite for many women, and, probably, therefore, for a long time doesn’t go out of fashion. If you like laconism, then you can choose things without drawings, just remember that the colors should be deep and saturated. Take into account that dark colors make you slimmer, and light can visually add a few pounds, or may not add, if you will successfully create look. Things without any patterns are not boring, as many women say, but rather elegant.

Choose a style that fits your type of figure. It’s very simple: want to emphasize the waist – choose things with a wide belt, if you want to brag of beautiful hips – then pick something with a narrow lower-half, such as a pencil skirt. There is one simple rule that we often repeat – emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings. Many will say that this is understandable for everyone, but many women plus size are so focused on imperfections of the body that they forget about their advantages. You can emphasize the décolleté zone, a beautiful line of shoulders, waist, hips, a priest – what your soul desires, just do it skillfully and tastefully.

Like any modern woman, you should not forget about accessories, the choice of which depends on your style and mood. Here you can show imagination, just don’t combine accessories from different materials, for example, gold and silver, and most importantly remember that everything should be in moderation.

Time to sum everything up

As you can see, everything is quite simple, you just need to have enough desire and some enthusiasm. In the photo you see an example of a well-chosen outfit for many occasions.Well, what is considered plus size clothing, everything seems to be clear, you know taboos while choosing a wardrobe and know how to soberly assess yourself, you know that no one is perfect and all women have every right to be called beautiful and only then, which can be called the most important thing – do you like yourself, not others. We are now talking about those who cannot get rid of the complexes and the idea that, if you look unlike girls from the covers of fashion magazines, you can never be happy.

It’s easy to say that you need to be confident in yourself that show us the plus size models, but it’s worth trying, because nothing attracts so much the shine in your eyes and a sincere smile. It is worthwhile to understand that we are all so different, but equally beautiful, and plus size is not a sentence, and not something to be ashamed of, but your feature. And if you discard all unnecessary complexes and thoughts, and are ready to cultivate and conquer the world with your beauty, then we will help you with it.