Top 10 Hot Plus Size Models: How Sexy Body Looks Like

The modern world is quite volatile, and fashion is the most vivid proof of this.Just yesterday, thin girls with pale skin were in Vogue, but today the plus size models literally burst into fashion, breaking all stereotypes about typical models and creating a storm of discussions in the society.

Best top 10 plus size models 2018

They are the inspiration for thousands of women who are tired of adjusting their bodies to the set parameters and reaching for an unattainable ideal. Just look at these beauties, they cause admiration and the desire to say only one thing – it’s incredibly cool! It should be noted that all plus size models look very sexy and … hot. After all, what can be more feminine and attractive than rounded hips and full breasts? That’s right, only more rounded hips and more magnificent breasts. There are good reasons why that such girls were the standard of beauty for many centuries, and it’s no secret that these girls are welcome for many men now, when the streets are filled with skinny girls with an unhealthy complexion. We want to show you that plus size is not an excuse to hide in shapeless things, discard all your fears and doubts about your appearance and submit yourself as something incredibly attractive and enjoyable. Do you still not believe or doubt? Then just take a look at these hot (here is no another way to say) photo plus size models. They show that beauty is not limited to the muscles of the press and the way to it lies not only through diets and tiresome training. And despite the opponents of the bodypositive, saying that this is the result of laziness and the rejection of the rules of healthy eating, the plus size models themselves are supporters of a healthy lifestyle, many of them are vegetarians, they don’t forget about sport and personal care, so they look healthy and so happy.

To prove all our words, we have prepared for you a list of the most successful, famous and hot plus size models that have won their place in the fashion world or are just beginning to achieve success confidently and stealing hearts of new fans, the ability to accept themselves as they are and to present to the world themselves. They make the heart beat more often with their charisma and charm, and despite the negative comments, we can say that men are crazy about them. But it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times, so don’t waste time in vain, but just get a portion of aesthetic pleasure, which will give you the 10 hot plus size models. Well, let’s start!

10. Denise Bidot

Denis Bidot is a cult model plus size. She was the first among such models, after she appeared on the podium at the time of the show at the New York Fashion Week. She tries to show all the women of the world that you cannot be wrong, you have to be yourself and be proud of your forms. Denis starred in the advertising of the famous brand Swimsuits for All, where the model appeared in a swimsuit and without any retouching, with the words: not sorry. This video of the girl confirmed all her words about the fact that girls with forms don’t need to be shy and feel uncomfortable. We agree, and we want you to make sure that women with such a luxurious body do not need to be embarrassed by anyone!

Denise Bidot Plus-size model

Just me for @changelingerie ? #vibes

Denise Bidot (@denisebidot)

Denise Bidot Plus-size model Denise Bidot Plus-size model

9. Stefania Ferrario

Australian Stefania Ferrario, in her 23 years, managed to become a successful model and her dissimilarity in other typical models became her main weapon. Lush forms didn’t prevent this girl from collaborating with the burlesque queen Dita von Teese and becoming her favorite model. Stephanie has an account in Instagram where subscribers can enjoy the hot photos of this plus size model. Fans of Overwatch noticed that Stephanie is incredibly similar to one of the characters in this game, which added popularity to this girl. Unusualness and charisma doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, because she can look like a true lady or as a rebel, but in any case only one thing can be said about her – she is unique and very sexy!

Stefania Ferrario Plus-size model Stefania Ferrario Plus-size model Stefania Ferrario Plus-size model Stefania Ferrario Plus-size model

8. Marquita Pring

It’s hard to believe that this attractive and successful plus size model once had complexes about her body, but she threw away all doubts after signing a contract with Ford, since then she took part in different footages, her photos appeared in one of the Vogue editions. This is not surprising, because Marquita is very talented and the fruits of her labour make us admire this girl. Looking at the pictures of this plus size model it’s hard to say that any kilograms are extra, her body looks harmonious and desirable, therefore we suggest you to see for yourself the charm of Marquita and agree with our words about her attractiveness.

Marquita Pring Plus-Size Model Marquita Pring Plus-Size Model Marquita Pring Plus-Size Model Marquita Pring Plus-Size Model

7. Whitney Thompson

You could often see this charismatic blonde, because she is the first plus size model who won the show “America’s next top model”. She went through a lot of criticism, she worked hard on herself, the result didn’t take long to come – she appears on fashion shows quite often, she became a popular model. Interesting is the fact that earlier the girl was thin enough, but she achieved success in the form that she has now, and it proves once again that her weight is beautiful. Whitney is quite a versatile person, except for fashion activities she produces jewelry and she is engaged in charity, and these facts make her more attractive and desirable.

Whitney Thompson Plus-Size Model

Whitney Thompson Plus-Size Model Whitney Thompson Plus-Size Model

6. Kate Dillon

Kate began her modeling career quite early, this red-haired girl luckily trampled on the road to success in the fashion world. She always struggled with excess weight quite successfully, her photos appeared on the covers of fashion magazines quite often, she began to be called the new Cindy Crawford, but soon she began to get frequent refusals due to improper body parameters, although the model practically didn’t eat anything, and because of health problems was hospitalized. But eventually Kate realized that it wasn’t worth fighting with her nature and burst into the fashion industry with a new force in weight, which is comfortable for her. She continued her modeling career and often starred for magazines such as Vogue. She, by her example, confirms that it is not necessary to deplete herself with diets in order to conquer the world.

Kate Dillon Plus-Size Model Kate Dillon Plus-Size Model Kate Dillon Plus-Size Model

5. Cristal Rennes

This gorgeous beauty before accepting herself as she is, has passed many tests. She was seen at a beauty school at a young age, but to continue the career of the model she had to reduce the size of the hips by 20 centimeters. Cristal worked hard on herself, spending all the time on grueling training, she got the desired size complete with anorexia. But the model was tired of suffering during the struggle for leanness and returned its normal weight. Now Cristal cooperates with legendary brands, such as Chanel and are one of the favorites of Karl Lagerfeld. And it’s not surprising, because how can you not be loved, if you have such a lovely body?

Cristal Rennes Plus-size model Cristal Rennes Plus-size model Cristal Rennes Plus-size model

4. Candice Huffine

Candice is one of the first plus size models that storm the fashion world with her non-standard parameters for models, it became known after a photo shoot for v-magazine, where other plus size models participated. Her vivid appearance allowed her to get on the cover of Vogue twice and become the face of many campaigns, such as Lane Bryant underwear advertising and Mango swimwear. One of the most striking examples of her talent is the pictures for the Pirelli calendar, where the model was undressed and showed all her talent and incredible sexuality. These photos are breathtaking and show that beauty is not limited to weight.

Candice Huffine Plus-size Model Candice Huffine Plus-size Model Candice Huffine Plus-size Model Candice Huffine Plus-size Model

3. Robyn Lawley

Like many models, Robyn began her career in the fashion industry at an early age of 15 years, but achieved real success only when she started model activities in plus size. Hot Australian was named one of Australia’s most influential people, she never tires of delighting us with new appearances in fashion magazines like Sports Illustrated and Vogue. She takes part in fashion shows all over the world and collaborates with various well-known brands. This girl doesn’t hesitate to show her shortcomings to the world, so she uploaded photos of her stomach in the Instagram, where stretch marks are visible. But this doesn’t keep her from continuing to conquer men’s hearts and be one of the hottest plus size models.

Robin Lawley plus-size model Robin Lawley plus-size model Robin Lawley plus-size model Robin Lawley plus-size model

2. Tara Lynn

After viewing the photos of this Canadian girl, no one would dare to doubt that she is one of the most beautiful plus size models. This charming girl after the beginning of her career as a model immediately received dozens of beneficial proposals for cooperation and became a very popular person. This girl actively promotes a healthy lifestyle with her beautiful and healthy appearance. We can list all of its achievements for a long time, and we can spend a lot of time to name all the famous brands that worked with Tara, but you will understand everything yourself if you just look at the picture of this Canadian plus size cutie.

Tara Lynn plus-size model Tara Lynn plus-size model Tara Lynn plus-size model Tara Lynn plus-size model

1. Ashley Graham

It seems that this hot American beauty has time to do everything – to be one of the most successful and sexy plus size models, to release its own line of underwear and even to be featured in clips. This is a real example for imitation, that’s what respectful women should be like! It is the first among all plus size models whose hot images have got into the magazine Sports Illustrated, this cannot be achieved simply and without any effort. Ashley is incredibly talented and beautiful, you can see for yourself, but be careful, just by looking at the photos of this model you can lose your head from falling in love!

Ashley Graham plus-size model Ashley Graham plus-size model Ashley Graham plus-size model Ashley Graham plus-size model

Well, did you like it? Yes, there’s nothing to think about, because we are sure that the hot top 10 plus size models made your breathing speed up, and your head whirls from an incredible dose of beauty and sexuality that these girls continue to give us, because they appreciate their naturalness and are able to show themselves in a very favorable light. And let all the women of the world learn how to love their bodies the way our heroines do it, because if you love yourself, then the whole world will love you.