1920s Dress Plus Size: Something that will make your heart beat faster

The each girl’s life of who is interested in their appearance and doesn’t like to blindly follow fashion, filled with bright colors and ideas, she wants to create her unique style that will reflect her feelings and attitude towards life and herself. It’s true, dear girls? We think you will agree with us. The world is so much different that you look around and can’t find one thing that will be your trump card. But we would like to offer you something you cannot refuse. Are you ready? So, how about the 1920s plus size dress? Yes, this may sound a little strange, but believe me, this style is good not only for theme parties in the Great Gatsby style, you can put on 1920s dress plus size for daily and simple party. If you want, of course. But in any case you need to know about this style, which was as a short-term explosion of decorations, of fabrics, this is the time of dresses and costumes of the legendary Chanel, it was a period when everyone danced and had fun, and their outfits looked the part. So you need to know a little about this style, and even if you don’t wear 1920s dresses plus size every day, you can use some items or ideas to create your unique looks. So, to know how to look the ideal plus size 1920s dress, you need to have the moods of those years. Are you ready?

What’s 1920s dress or so-called flapper dress, what should you know about it?

To say that 1920s is the post-war period, when people were tired of suffer, they wanted to move away from all these problems and relax. This was expressed in their lifestyle, they danced all day, smoked and had fun. The most interesting is the fact that at the time women had reached a new level, they seem to have defied all previous rules and standards of conduct for real lady, girls stopped wearing corsets, they smoked in the company of men and had the courage to dance rather risqué (for the time) dancing, like tango or Foxtrot, it was kind of past manners of dancing, then the girls quickly moved and highly lifted up legs. And it’s clear that their outfits had to match their lifestyle. Dresses became comfortable, easy silhouette, and the length (Oh gods!) became shorter. New fashion and new insane way of life began to prevail, and the air was a smell of cigarette smoke, whiskey and powder. Isn’t it great? We believe that this is a bit rebellious, but still elegant style worthy of attention, and if you feel the same sentiment, who felt women of the time, then you’ll definitely fall in love 1920s style, we are sure. Changes are always useful, especially if we are talking about changes in style and wardrobe, so treat yourself to useful things, for example, 1920s dress plus size.

1920s flapper dress plus size 1920s flapper dress plus size

Looking for a dress 1920s style? It is not the dress in which a girl was out of breath because of the corset and tried gracefully to move, because they couldn’t do it differently, no. This is a dress for dancing and fun, so they have a very short length for those times, but we can call it a midi or tea length. All of these dresses, we are talking about, have in common – they all have a direct simple cut. They do not focus on the waist or chest, it’s just a straight dress, a little loose and comfortable. Isn’t it great? Most of these dresses had sleeves, or had thin straps, this dress would have looked a little boyish, but still, this simplicity completes elegant decorations. Have you ever seen 1920s dresses? If yes, you had to be blinded by this mass of beads, stones, jewelry. This is the dress, which allows you to move a lot, but not to remain in the shadows, the girls wanted to shine, and it was the best way. Glamour – that’s what the style of the 1920s. The dresses were decorated with beads or stones, it was then in Vogue embroidery. Girls have been doing embroidery, and adorned the dress with lots of lace. These dresses look like works of art. To say that women of that time valued luxury, and they are not confined to simple fabrics, they only used good materials, if could afford it.

1920s flapper dress plus size

You can hear or see the name – flapper dress. This is another name for the dresses we are talking about. These are things that women have worn for parties and for Sunday walks, they didn’t afraid to always look festive. Want to look for something? 1920s flapper dress plus size will not be different from all the other dresses of this style, cut is straight, there are a lot of decorations. We have a lot to say about these dresses, but I just want to say that they attract attention, and when we look at it, we want to live in those crazy times.

1920s flapper dress plus size

1920s drop waist dress plus size is a dress in the style of the young Coco Chanel at the beginning of her work or career. It’s not just dresses, this masterpiece things was a revolution in the fashion world. Will not say much, just look at what turned the idea of women on fashion and style. It’s a legend.

Dedicated to all fans: how to find a dress in Gatsby style?

Sometimes life throws us surprises in the form of themed parties or just get-togethers where you need to look as always. And many of you don’t know what to think and how to look, Yes, it can be a little difficult. So let’s show a little creativity and a love of all things unusual and will come to the party in a dress in the style of the 1920s. Why not? You just surprise everyone and will look cool in the background of girls who just wear the short dresses and bright makeup. And you don’t need all this if you look like a diva those crazy years. So how about 1920 Gatsby dress plus size? We believe that it is definitely worth your attention and interest you.

1920 gatsby dress plus size

In order to understand how are these dresses, it is not enough to have a good imagination. Watch the movie “the Great Gatsby“ it is not just a classic and a movie with a good story line, it is like a fashion encyclopedia. We think that once you are looking for such dresses, then you are already imbued with this wonderful film, we even cried a little at the end. But it doesn’t matter. You are looking for a dress in Gatsby style, so let’s analyze a bit what you want to. So your 1920 Gatsby dress plus size must have a certain cut, it is clear, straight silhouette, no sleeveless or thin straps, midi length, short, loose and comfortable dress. But all is not so simple. You need to dress with lots of jewelry. what about the fringe? It is a good idea, imagine how you can dance, dance, and fringe reacts to your movement. Fringe can decorate all your dresses, or dress can have only a few rows of fringe.

1920 gatsby dress plus size

Personally, we think that since fringe, so on the whole dress! The fringe was made of thick silk threads or beads, so it was a bit heavy and was moving all the time. And by the way, every self-respecting fashionista of those times had one or more of these dresses, it was a trend. Looking at these dresses, you can only say: “what a luxury!” and it’s true. So don’t forget about luxury, if you want to look like Daisy, and then looking for a dress like Daisy. Don’t forget that the dress should be decorated with beads, embroidery, stones and feathers. Not all at once, of course, but then you can afford a lot as it is allowed himself to girls of the 1920s. Your dress can be layered, asymmetric, but still do not forget about one important detail – neckline. Almost all the dresses of that time had a deep neckline on the chest and back simultaneously, you cannot open your breast, but you should definitely do it with your back and shoulders, it’s very sexy. It should say that you need to dress, sewn from expensive fabric, like satin, silk, lace, chiffon and all these can be combined in a single look. In short, you should once again review this film, to be inspired and know exactly what you need.

1920 gatsby dress plus size

Your look may need to be supplemented with accessories. It’s a good excuse to open her grandmother’s jewelry box, and if you found there is a long string of pearls – then you hit the target, that’s the best thing you can add to the look of the girl and the 1920s. Tie it in a knot, add a closed high heel shoes or sandals don’t forget the makeup, focus on the eyes and lips and your look is ready.
1920 Gatsby dress plus size is a boon for all girls who want to Express their creativity, the ability to stand out among the gray crowd and knowledge of the history of fashion. And these dresses will perfectly conceal the tummy, hips and all other problem for many women of places, and you won’t look shapeless, you will look pretty elegant. That’s why Gatsby style is good for plus size girls, it is beautiful and functional, because each girl can choose something for yourself and look at 100%.

1920 gatsby dress plus size

Girls, you should experiment with style, and don’t forget about 1920s. you will feel the ease and nonchalance that might have felt those women. If you have a 1920s fancy dress plus size, you will find a party or just an excuse to wear it. We therefore recommend that you something atmospheric that will make you feel different. Maybe 1920s dresses can do it.